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Busy making the world a little brighter...
Busy making the world a little brighter...

About Artist Deb McNaughton - Melbourne - Australia

Hi and WELCOME to my world of colour and fun. I'm Deb McNaughton - artist, mum, dog mumma to business mascot Brandy Pants, wife and happiness creator. Together, we make life bright and colourful in Aspendale, Victoria, Australia!

I never planned to become an artist. In fact, my childhood aspirations consisted of growing up to become a “banana selling lady”. I dreamed of pushing a cart around the city streets with a yellow and white striped canopy covered in beautiful yellow bananas and I would wear a matching yellow banana uniform. City workers would come and buy bananas from me on their lunch breaks.

Obviously, that dream didn’t quite come to life... yet...

I studied Fine Art at The University of Ballarat before continuing on to get a degree in Teaching. After teaching for 7 years, my real art journey only truly began in 2015 while on maternity leave at home with two babies. I painted while they slept and I painted for my own mental health.

All of my works are entirely original and created from the heart, imagination and life experiences. I am inspired by odd shapes and patterns in my everyday surroundings and tend to notice things that others would perhaps overlook. A spiritual trip to Africa in 2011 had an impact on me like no other. The bright, contrasting patterns worn by the Maasai people, the artwork that lined the streets of the small communities and the striking African animal prints often make their way into my art. I am naturally drawn to bright colours and neons in the world of fashion and accessories and tend to make clothing choices that reflect the colours within my artwork. 

The more people that tell me my artwork makes them happy, the more motivated and driven I am to create more. It's so rewarding to know I am making people smile and leaving my colourful stamp on the world. 

So thanks for joining me, liking me, relating to me, believing in me, supporting me and cheering me on from wherever you are on this planet. I appreciate you!

Deb x



Deb McNaughton is an established Australian artist with a love for colour and a passion for making the world a brighter place through art. Her bubbly personality is reflected in the contemporary artwork she creates and leaves collectors feeling all the happy fuzzy feels.

Working with a variety of mediums, Deb’s style is described as spontaneous, diverse and fun. Her creativity comes from the heart and her colourful creations are widely recognised in both Australia and overseas. 

Inspired by bright colour combinations, fashion trends and patterns found in nature, Deb’s work is sure to catch your attention and give you happy vibes.

You can visit Deb’s studio via appointment or through one of her popular workshops. Please email Deb below.



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