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A L I V E - Solo Exhibition 8 - 22 September
A L I V E - Solo Exhibition 8 - 22 September

RO&Co X Deb Silk Face Mask The Mighty Jungle


Crafted from triple layer 16mm Mulberry Silk, with a pocket for a filter, nose wire, and adjustable elastic - these masks are stunning, high quality, and pack a vibrant punch! Deb's design "The Mighty Jungle".

Each Silk face mask is soft, breathable and gentle on your skin. They feel super luxurious and glide on gently. Each mask comes in a reusable and biodegradable pouch, with care instructions printed on the front.


Weight: 7g
Silk mask from top to bottom (nose to chin) is approximately 12cm and the width is approximately 20cm.  The elastic on each side is 8cm (un-pulled) and the adjuster toggle makes it smaller again (depending on your needs).

**PLEASE NOTE - these masks are not medical grade 


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